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Westlake cruised to a school record 20th straight win in what was hoped to be a repeat matchup of similar intensity to the CIF SS 2009 title game from last December. But, it was not that at all. This time the Warriors were not the underdogs, they were coming in ranked #3 in CA and in the top 10 nationwide. Could Moorpark pull off a win over the overconfident Warriors? Uh, No. Not even close. It’s actually rather remarkable that in less than 12 short months, the Westlake Warriors have outscored the Moorpark Musketeers in each of the three contests pitting the Marmonte League rivals against one another. I will have to research to see if that has ever happened at all. The Marmonte League ain’t what it used to be – Nope, everything is upside down and sideways. What? You didn’t hear that Calabasas beat Newbury Park tonight?

How did Westlake continues its winning streak? Well, some but not all highlights are listed below:

First Quarter: Nick Isham had a 7-yard touchdown run.

Second Quarter: Tavior Mowry scored  on a touchdown run. Nick Isham threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Spruce

Third Quarter: Nick Isham threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Spruce. Tavior Mowry ran for a 1-yard score.

Fourth Quarter: Moorpark scored on a 14-yard Grant Rohach pass to Lionel Poole and a 5-yard run by Garrett Dibene.

Read more about Nick Isham, Nelson Spruce, Tavior Mowry, Tre’Shon Wilson, Cody Tuttle, Justin Moore, Jared Fry, Johnny Stuart, Jack Shepard, Max Winsberg in the Daily News, VC Star and ESPN articles below:

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Watch the first half of the game again below:

The Westlake Warriors finished their magical march to a perfect 14-0 season by winning the CIF Southern Section Northern Division Championship in a 14-10 come from behind win over the Moorpark Musketeers, now a seemingly perennial CIF Finals bridesmaid. With heart, determination & grit that defied the stereotypes that many a naysayer tried to hang on the 2009 Warriors since before this season even started, the “band of brothers” persevered under the guidance of Coach Jim Benkert and his loyal and talented coaching staff.

Moorpark played their usual aggressive ‘smack you in the face, then hit you in the back of the helmet on your way down’ when the officials aren’t looking style of defensive play. Westlake didn’t help their cause due to several missed scoring opportunities by that could have torn the game wide open.

In any event, the Warriors were behind early in the third quarter when their game changing play maker quarterback Nick Isham was knocked out 0f the game with a broken collar bone and things definitely looked bad for the home team at that point. Racing through everyone’s minds for at least a nanosecond was, “Would this magical season just end, falling down like a house of cards or would one more dose of intestinal fortitude rocket the Warriors forward to get one more win to seal their destiny into the record books forever?

Ah, just read the details in the Ventura County Star, it’s late, I’m tired and they have already posted! What can I say, I stopped off at Chili’s for the Champions celebration of dancing &  toasting in traditional Warrior fashion, with native indian drums beating , while chanting “Un-De-Fe-Ted” and holding arrow head tipped hunting spears above our heads.

They have stats and kudos for the players and some pictures too, just click on the link below to get there:

Westlake rallies for championship * By Loren Ledin * Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:01 a.m.

Also, read about the game in the Daily News:

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The unofficial CIF Championship Award photo of the official photo

The unofficial CIF Championship Award photo of the official photo

The Westlake Warriors grabbed for the brass ring and took the Marmonte League title from the Moorpark Musketeers en route to a perfect 10-0 regular season record. At home in front a capacity crowd of nearly 7,200 spectators the ‘underdog’ Warriors dominated from start to finish with an explosive offense that lit up field like the 4th of July. To make it even more impressive was that the Westlake Warriors did this to  a Moorpark defense that had only surrendered an average of roughly 7 points against all other Marmonte League competitors all season long. The night began with a wonderful Westlake Football tradition of recognition of all the Senior Warrior players and their families in front of the entire stadium at a ceremony prior to kickoff where each player presented their parents with a rose and a letter of appreciation for all their support. Thanks to Coach Jim Benkert and the entire coaching staff for their hard work and dedication to make this season something truly special. And it ain’t over yet!

Watch the game from start to finish here:

KADY TV – Bringing Ventura County Home : Westlake vs Moorpark 2009 Marmonte League Championship game

Warriors storm the field and dominate Muskateers from start to finish in taking Marmonte League crown.

Warriors storm the field and dominate Musketeers from start to finish in taking Marmonte League crown.

Also: Read about the game, see photos & video clips in the Ventura County Star at link below:

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Nelson Spruce (#20) leaves Moorpark secondary behind on this brilliant 69 yard 1st Qtr TD on a pass from QB Nick Isham

Nelson Spruce (#20) leaves Moorpark secondary behind on this brilliant 69 yard 1st Qtr TD on a pass from QB Nick Isham

Johnny Stuart (#82) stops Moorpark RB cold in his tracks for no gain.

Johnny Stuart (#82) stops Moorpark RB cold in his tracks for no gain.