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The buildup and anticipation of a WHS Warriors vs Oaks Christian Lions match up has been going on for years. Now it is on the brink of reality. Game time is 8:30 pm. (Sophomores play at 5 pm) Thanks to Running Back Coach Ellis Green for bringing this Fox video clip to our attention! Get your tickets presale at the WHS student store. There will be NO tickets sold at the gate and it will be televised on Fox Sports West / Prime Ticket – check your local guide for programming information.

Thanks to Booster Parent and Media Hawk Shane Tuttle for finding these:

Click this link to see the LA Times article by Eric Sondheimer

Click this link to see the Daily News article by Gerry Gittelson

Click this link to hear Jim Benkert Interview on VCSN|Homefield Sports with Eric Evelhoch

Hard Hitting Warriors Max Winsberg and Casey Bliss fear no Lions Den

The Westlake Warriors finished their magical march to a perfect 14-0 season by winning the CIF Southern Section Northern Division Championship in a 14-10 come from behind win over the Moorpark Musketeers, now a seemingly perennial CIF Finals bridesmaid. With heart, determination & grit that defied the stereotypes that many a naysayer tried to hang on the 2009 Warriors since before this season even started, the “band of brothers” persevered under the guidance of Coach Jim Benkert and his loyal and talented coaching staff.

Moorpark played their usual aggressive ‘smack you in the face, then hit you in the back of the helmet on your way down’ when the officials aren’t looking style of defensive play. Westlake didn’t help their cause due to several missed scoring opportunities by that could have torn the game wide open.

In any event, the Warriors were behind early in the third quarter when their game changing play maker quarterback Nick Isham was knocked out 0f the game with a broken collar bone and things definitely looked bad for the home team at that point. Racing through everyone’s minds for at least a nanosecond was, “Would this magical season just end, falling down like a house of cards or would one more dose of intestinal fortitude rocket the Warriors forward to get one more win to seal their destiny into the record books forever?

Ah, just read the details in the Ventura County Star, it’s late, I’m tired and they have already posted! What can I say, I stopped off at Chili’s for the Champions celebration of dancing &  toasting in traditional Warrior fashion, with native indian drums beating , while chanting “Un-De-Fe-Ted” and holding arrow head tipped hunting spears above our heads.

They have stats and kudos for the players and some pictures too, just click on the link below to get there:

Westlake rallies for championship * By Loren Ledin * Posted December 12, 2009 at 12:01 a.m.

Also, read about the game in the Daily News:

Read more about the Warriors CIF Championship Victory in the Daily News

Click this link to see the update about the game by Mark Dittmer

The unofficial CIF Championship Award photo of the official photo

The unofficial CIF Championship Award photo of the official photo

The Westlake Warriors grabbed for the brass ring and took the Marmonte League title from the Moorpark Musketeers en route to a perfect 10-0 regular season record. At home in front a capacity crowd of nearly 7,200 spectators the ‘underdog’ Warriors dominated from start to finish with an explosive offense that lit up field like the 4th of July. To make it even more impressive was that the Westlake Warriors did this to  a Moorpark defense that had only surrendered an average of roughly 7 points against all other Marmonte League competitors all season long. The night began with a wonderful Westlake Football tradition of recognition of all the Senior Warrior players and their families in front of the entire stadium at a ceremony prior to kickoff where each player presented their parents with a rose and a letter of appreciation for all their support. Thanks to Coach Jim Benkert and the entire coaching staff for their hard work and dedication to make this season something truly special. And it ain’t over yet!

Watch the game from start to finish here:

KADY TV – Bringing Ventura County Home : Westlake vs Moorpark 2009 Marmonte League Championship game

Warriors storm the field and dominate Muskateers from start to finish in taking Marmonte League crown.

Warriors storm the field and dominate Musketeers from start to finish in taking Marmonte League crown.

Also: Read about the game, see photos & video clips in the Ventura County Star at link below:

Westlake VS Moorpark Game November 13 2009 VCSPreps

And see story, photos & post game interview of Jim Benkert and Nelson Spruce from the L.A. Times at the link below:

Read Eric Sondheimer article and see post game video from the L A Times

Nelson Spruce (#20) leaves Moorpark secondary behind on this brilliant 69 yard 1st Qtr TD on a pass from QB Nick Isham

Nelson Spruce (#20) leaves Moorpark secondary behind on this brilliant 69 yard 1st Qtr TD on a pass from QB Nick Isham

Johnny Stuart (#82) stops Moorpark RB cold in his tracks for no gain.

Johnny Stuart (#82) stops Moorpark RB cold in his tracks for no gain.

The first Marmonte league game of the season against the archrival Thousand Oaks Lancers proved to be the toughest contest for the Westlake Warriors so far this season. The Warriors, back in their home stadium after two weeks on the road, to a “standing room only” crowd prevailed with an impressive combination of offensive firepower. This offensive onslaught, combined with their consistently improving defensive squad proved too much to handle for their visiting opponent. Click on the link to watch the game ON DEMAND at :

Westlake VS Thousand Oaks game October 2, 2009  ON DEMAND –

The Offensive line opened a hole wide enough to drive a truck through as Tavior Mowrey (#5) scampers into the end zone after taking the ball from QB Nick Isham (#10)into the gap created by Guard Taylor McMorrow (#61) and Center Brad Cotner (#67)

Westlake Scores their first TD on a short run

Westlake scores their third TD on a 3 yard run by Tavior Mowrey (#5)

Read about the game in the Daily News and review professional photographs of the game for purchase (left hand side of landing page) by clicking on the link below:

Westlake rushes its way past Thousand Oaks By Mark Dittmer, Special to the Daily News

Also, see game highlights and post game interviews with Offensive Guard Brendon Root-Burkes (#72), Team Captain & Defensive Linebacker Adrian Muguerza (#21) and Head Coach Jim Benkert at the Ventura County Star VCS Preps:

Ventura County Star – TO vs Westlake game highlights & post game interviews

On the day after Westlake High School hosted it’s first outdoor pep rally that drew a crowd of hundreds from the highly energized Warrior Nation, including a surprise visit from several notable Warrior Football Alumni from years past….

The Acorn names Westlake Warrior vs Thousand Oaks Lancers High School Football Game of the week

(click on the link above to take you to the story)

In the photo below from last weeks’ Hart game, a potential loss get turned into extra yardage as Tavior turns on the afterburners and squirts out to the left side of the field for a long gain. Nick Isham (#10) steps up to lend a shoulder to pound on the already weakened Hart defense.

Mowrey (#5) finds an opening

Mowrey (#5) finds an opening


VCS Preps Plus – A Ventura County Star blog by Joe Buttita

In this blog post Coach Jim Benkert talks about his team: “They’re a really fun group of players to coach,” Benkert said. “I’m really enjoying being around them.”  – to Joe Buttitta, Ventura County Star.

Coach Jim Benkert having some fun with his players

Coach Jim Benkert having some fun with his players at the Warrior Nation Pep Rally 9-30-09

And last, but certainly not the least:

Eric Sondheimers’ LA Times blog – on Nelson Spruce

Some Warriors enjoying the Spirit of the moment.

Dalls Clayton (DE, RB), Nick Isham (QB), Bradley Cotner (C), Tre Wilson (WR), ?

Dalls Clayton (DE, RB), Nick Isham (QB), Bradley Cotner (C), Tre Wilson (WR), ?

Who is the Warrrior on the right hand side behind Tre? Anyone?

In another impressive offensive show, the Westlake Warriors finished their preseason at College of the Canyons with a well played team victory against Hart High School from the Foothill League.

Read more about the game at the VC Star link :

Ventura County Star Article: Westlake beats Hart

More Game Photos and video links are available for viewing by clicking on this Featured Article….

Coach Jim Benkert surveys his squad prior the game

Coach Jim Benkert surveys his squad prior the game

The Westlake Warriors Defensive Coordinator looks for weaknesses to exploit in the Hart offense.

Coach Richard Fong studies the opponent

Coach Richard Fong studies the opponent

Meet a Warrior coach who is the living embodiment of the adage, “Walk softly and carry a big stick”

Coach Levine

Coach Levine

After Nick Isham intercepted a pass from Hart QB while on the defensive side of the ball, he and the Warriors marched down field quickly on their second possession of the game with a combination of air & ground weapons.

Isham completes pass over a Hart Defensive lineman in the 1st Quarter.

Isham completes pass over a Hart Defensive lineman in the 1st Quarter.

Isham connects with Michael Tack on a 22-yard pass play to set up 1st Westlake TD

Isham connects with Michael Tack on a 22-yard pass play to set up the 1st Westlake TD of the game.

Michael Lorenzo (#51) dominates his opponent while teammate D.J. Grubaugh (#68) comes to help inflict more damage to the Hart defense.

Offensive Control the Line of Scrimmange

The unrelenting Warrior Offensive Line controlled the Line of Scrimmage for almost the entire game.

See the game on demand, click on the link below:

See Westlake VS Hart Game September 26, 2009 ON DEMAND

See short amateur clips on You Tube of the game:

You Tube Video Clips of Westlake victory over Hart

Photos courtesy of Tim McGrath. Camera provided courtesy of Liz & Bob Lusk.


On Friday September 4th, Coach Benkert’s Varsity Warriors Football team dominated the visiting Paso Robles Bearcats in the first half and then marched right on to win their first game of the 2009 season.

See the game in it’s entirety “On Demand” by copying and pasting the link below into your browser:

Once there, click on the game located just below the screen.

You will have to download Microsoft Silverlight to view on you PC.

Read about the game in the Ventura County Star by copying and pasting the link below into your browser:

Read about the game at MaxPreps by copying and pasting the link below into your browser:

We hope to post some pictures here of the game soon.



In what has become an annual summer ritual, on June 16, 2009 over 50 freshman football families gathered in the Westlake High School gymnasium to hear from Head Coach Jim Benkert about what is in store for them as part of the Warrior football program.


Freshmen Football night at Westlake Gymnasium

The summer “‘7 on 7” season is a time of testing out the raw athletic skills of a wide range of players in a competitive but more casual circumstances than under the ‘Friday night lights’ for quickness, agility and speed coupled with passing and catching on the offensive side. On the defensive side of the ball, skills like picking up on the right ‘cues’ by reading the other team’s offensive lineups, proper positioning at the time of the snap, pass coverage once the ball is snapped, pursuit and reaction skills once the ball is in the air or responding to an occasional run or ‘draw’ play is the focus. 

June 13th marked the beginning of the Summer 2009 season

June 13th marked the beginning of the Summer 2009 season


In addition, on the offensive side the coaches are analyzing things like understanding how the team as a whole is interpreting each play that is called, manifested by each receiver properly running routes, including well executed ‘fakes’ and focus in pressure situations show the coaching staff the intelligence, focus and progression of the team in preparation for the coming season. 

The Master craftsman plys his trade

The Master craftsman plys his trade

While the ‘Hogs’ competition is less glamorous to watch, it is equally interesting in understanding what the coming season will bring. For those not familiar, the lineman ‘Hogs’ competition is a series of team based strength and agility skills kind of like the Olympic decathlon meets a weightlifting strongman competition. Teams comprised of 5 lineman each compete as a team to get the most points or best times in events like the “20 yard sled or truck push” (yes, an actual truck can be used), bench press 185 lbs the most times, clean & jerk lifting, throw a heavy odd shaped rock for distance, relay with football for best time, relay with a 100+ lb tackling dummy on your shoulders (no dropping allowed, thank you very much) and of course – the crowd pleasing “Tug of War”. 


Coaches look on as Westlake gets ready to run a play from scrimmage

Coaches look on as Westlake gets ready to run a play from scrimmage


All this competition is extremely fun to do and watch, especially by the players, parents & fans who can’t wait for the Fall season to start. But despite the outcomes; too much should not be read into these events as the coaches themselves will tell you, they are experimenting with multiple combinations of plays and players, skills, game intelligence and personalities to come up with the best team to put on the field come the Fall. Plus, most who have played or understand the game of football know this but one knowledgeable father on the sidelines summed it up nicely by saying, “this is fun, but everything changes when you put the pads on”.

 Pride, Respect, Champions!

Teaching & learning is the foundational purpose of 7 on 7 competition
Teaching & learning is the foundational purpose of 7 on 7 competition

Photos courtesy of Yashica Wilson Budde


Full excerpt cheap mlb jerseys of How Jim cheap nba jerseys Benkert’s cover Speech cheap nfl jerseys at Frankie Toner of Memorial Service: 

“As most of you know, Frankie played football at Westlake HS where I had the privilege to coach him. And let me tell you…it was a privilege. He was a coach’s dream, a real leader. He had that contagious smile that lit up the room when he entered and the biggest heart anyone could ever have. He would do anything for anyone.

 We played a game in Hawaii a few seasons ago and there was Frankie standing on the sidelines, hugging the coaches, and players he didn’t even know. I didn’t even know he was stationed in Hawaii. He just found a way to be there. That was just Frankie.”

 He came to a game this year with his beautiful wife. He was so proud of her. He hugged all the coaches again and introduced her to everyone. He was back on the sidelines feeling at home. That was just Frankie.

 He was honored as the Outstanding Back during his senior year, but he was much more than that to our coaches and players. He was the heart and soul of the team, the emotional and spiritual leader, the rock and the support all on his broad shoulders.

 During the spring of his senior year Frankie asked me to write a letter of recommendation for the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. I was proud that he decided to go to the Academy and continue to play the game of football. The last few words of that recommendation were:

 I have found him to be a responsible, enthusiastic, and competent young man, anxious to help, of high moral principles, and one of unique ability to stand up for what is right, even if he is standing alone. Perhaps it is an indication of his personality and proficiency that he is respected and popular with faculty and students alike.

I am happy to recommend Frankie for whatever endeavors he chooses because he is one of the best our society has to offer!

 There is no greater sacrifice that one can give than to die for another.

 The actions of patriots like Frankie are far more eloquent than any words I can offer. At places like Lexington and Leyte Gulf, from Iwa Jima and the Anbar Province, these courageous heroes wrote new chapters in the story of freedom.

 When he dedicated the battlefield at Gettysburg in 1863, Lincoln spoke of the inadequacy of words on occasions such as these: “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.”

 And so it is with us today. The eloquence of words cannot match the power of the sacrifices made by so many. We honor one of them today. We praise him. We remember him.

 And we do something else also: we acknowledge that his sacrifice—and the struggle to be free—goes on today. Like rivers flowing to the sea, so too all the battles in our history are connected to the larger struggle for freedom.

The troops in Afghanistan and Iraq today are the direct descendants of the troops at Yorktown and Normandy. The battlefronts may be different. The weapons may have changed. But the fight is the same. We know that to protect our freedom at home we must promote freedom throughout the world.

 Of course, our greatest asset was and is our men and women in uniform. Like Frankie, many of them are on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, serving as SEALS, SEABEES, intelligence officers or medics.

 More than 20 years ago, in his farewell address to the nation, President Ronald Reagan told the story of a sailor on the U.S.S. Midway. The sailor was on the deck one day as a small boat filled with Indonesian refugees approached. One of the refugees shouted out in a loud voice: “Hello, American sailor! The sailor quickly responded “Hello, freedom man!”

 May we never forget men like Frankie Toner who died for our freedom at home and abroad.

 The greatest tribute we can offer to those who have died is to wave the banner of freedom proudly.

 Westlake High School and the US Merchant Marine Academy football team will be wearing #46 on their helmets this year and the Toner Award will be awarded every year to one member of the football team that puts the team above himself. It will be for the player who embodies the true definition of team, someone who went above and beyond and sacrificed their own personal goals and ambitions for the success of the team. It is awarded to the player who exemplifies the character and spirit of Frank Toner.

 May God bless you all. ” – Head Coach Jim Benkert, Westlake High School Football Team


The 10th Annual Warrior Golf Tournament raises funds for the Westlake Warrior Football Program. Each year the Warrior Football Teams look to this Golf Tournament Warriors and Dinner Auction to help pay for the cost of equipment, clothing, cheap jerseys medical supplies, team traveling expenses, team meals, and Stadium improvement.


  • Getting your registration in early
  • Hosting a coach golf and dinner for only $185
  • Hosted  a table for dinner
  • Hosted a Foursome for Golf
  • Sponsored a Tee or Green Prize
  • Asked a merchant to donate for the wap Silent Auction
  • Volunteered on Tournament Day

Those who attended joined us at the no host wholesale nba jerseys bar for a refreshing drink and browsed the
Silent Auction ??? where fabulous gift baskets, trips and sports memorabilia were available for bidding.
All attendees enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner and were entertained by our Host and Auctioneer, Coach Jim Benkert.
Congratulations to those who Monday basked in the applause of friends as they received a well deserved trophy for a great day of golf and felt the satisfaction of knowing that you wholesale nfl jerseys are a champion for supporting a wonderful team of young men and dedicated coaches!