Buy Photos from the Photo Galleries

Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, friends and relatives… Go to your favorite player’s photo gallery and purchase a print to be mailed directly to your house. 100% of the profits the Boosters receive go to support the Westlake High School Football Program to pay for equipment, events, etc.

Navigate to the “2012 Season” – and under “Player” select the appropriate team (Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman) and scroll down the roster to find your player. Then simply click on their photograph and that will take you to their Gallery.

Show your support for your favorite player and purchase some memories !!!!

Here’s how…All you have to do is select the “thumbnail” photo on the left side of the gallery, a larger version will appear on the right. Then select the “Buy” button above and to the right of the photo. Select the type of print you would like and follow the purchase steps that are then displayed. You can also have your favorite photos put on coffee mugs, t-shirts, aprons, buttons, etc. Ordering prints is pretty simple and you should have no problem.

If you would like to download a digital copy for free, simply “mouse over” the larger version of the photo and a pop-up menu will display a “save photo” icon that looks like a yellow folder with a green arrow pointing down into the folder. Just click that icon and it will download a full-resolution photo to where ever your browser saves your downloads. At this point feel free to post it to Facebook, use it as your screen saver, whatever. But for your convenience and the benefit of the Team, if you want prints, show your support for the team by purchasing them directly from the Westlake High School Football website. Any print you buy will be mailed directly to you, and remember, 100% of the profits the Boosters receive go to support the Westlake High School Football Program.